Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bel Punto in Umdloti

I finally went to one of the most well reputed restaurants in Durban and it was amazing. The subsequent review appeared on Durban Live and was the first time I used my iPhone to take the accompanying pictures which was great because using my rather bulky but professional looking digital camera always gave me away when doing a review. The iPhone was quick and inconspicuous (yeah right!) to use and I though the pics were rather decent.

Review of Bel Punto Restaurant as it appears in Durban Live

P.S. Having thought about this further, I believe that this is the ideal place to go to have coffee and dessert with friends on a warm Durban afternoon or to catch up with friends. As for the restaurant, the food was divine but the actual dining experience was average and not what you would expect when paying this much for food. My wife calls me a gastronomic snob and perhaps it is some of those pet peeves that is influencing this afterthought. If you were wondering, the reason I only write positive reviews online is that I write primarily for websites that promote South Africa and Durban in particular. If I have an experience that was below par than I basically don't write about it. Warning my friends about potentially bad experiences is what Twitter and Facebook is for :)

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