Monday, April 30, 2012

The Avengers have arrived

Firstly, to regular readers, all 10 of you, I must apologise for my sudden disappearance from social media and the blogosphere. I am currently in the middle of a project that is taking up most of my spare time. It has been like living in a bizarre reality TV show. Through a generous benefactor, the Children's society I work for has been given access to a generous allocation of funds. However this money will be returned if the following criteria are not met:
  • The money is not spent within two months
  • A special committee approves all purchasing, and
  • All purchases for consideration must be accompanied with 3 quotations 
Needless to say I am going to deck the next person who complains to me of poor sales and the economy being bad. It is either that employees are not aware of a recession and hence not even making an effort at sales or they think I am a prank caller. The entire initiative now rests on a knife edge. All the plans have been made and within the next two weeks everything will either all fall into place or it is going to be a very hectic May!

The only thing that could bring me briefly back into the blogosphere at this time would be the one thing I must have spoken and wrote the most of in the past year. The Avengers Movie.