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Firstly an apology to those wandering browsers who may have landed on this page expecting pictures of female models or those "spelling-challenged" Keira Knightley fans this page is not about those kind of "models". Although there is an argument to be made about the similarity between the amount of plastic contained in the above mentioned objects and the real subject of this page, but I digress...
The pride of my collection to date: Honda NSX

This post is intended to be an invite to people in the Durban area who are interested in the construction of plastic model car/ bike and sci-fi kits. To be fair, even if you have an interest in building WW2 tanks, you are welcome.

Building models for me is a hobby and one that I have come to realise, I am not very good at. I have met people recently who have told me when it is preferable to use acrylic paints, that it is best to warm the plastic (think hairdryer not microwave) before applying a coat of paint and that you must sand the body of a car lightly before spraying to remove the wax that remains from the injection moulding process. I will stop there before you lose all faith in my ability and proceed to the invite. Some of my recent builds:

I thought it will be a good idea for people interested in this hobby to get together once a month and either talk about our projects, show them off or just trade paints (I happen to be looking for a little translucent orange). I have spoken to some shops who are keen to partner with a group of hobbyists (read customers) to take bulk orders for supplies and requests for models not in stock. I have also recently met guys who know a lot about the craft of plastic model building and are willing to share this information for free. Ok. I promised them cake at our first meeting!

Anyways, if you are keen on setting up a club of sorts where we can meet once a month to chat about our existing models, share tips and tricks and meet like minded people then drop me a mail at I will gauge response and, if there is enough of us out there, set up the first meeting and we can take it from there. This invite goes out to all grades of model builders. Whether you are starting out on your first one, have a few under your belt and want to improve or have lots of skills that you wish to impart on us newbees. All are welcome!

If you are keen, then drop me an email ( and I will keep you posted on the road ahead. If you could, let me know your location (suburb not physical address) and when you would prefer meeting i.e weekends, Tuesday night before Generations etc.

Take care and may your paint never run or your fingers never get stuck to a microscopic engine part (again!)

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