Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Tales of my Old Honda Accord!

Ever since I bought my Honda Accord, I have been patiently waiting for the time (actually I was just waiting for the motorplan to expire) when I could start tweaking it here and there to make it a bit unique. What can I say boys will be boys, and I being nowhere close to any age where I could be described as a boy, am rapidly approaching, Mid Life Crisis age! To appreciate the changes, I have made, I could have shown you pictures of my car, pre-tweaking, but it appears I never thought to take a picture of my car, when it looked, eh... normal. I initially deluded myself into thinking that it was my model car building that sparked this interest, but it would be a long shot to try and justify engine mods using static plastic models (beautiful and amazing as they were to construct).

Writing, as opposed to merely showing you the results, would be time consuming and wasteful. Furthermore, I would prefer it if the people at MENSA don't read this post, since it may hamper my re-evaluation application. My scores came back missing a digit and my efforts to explain to the admin lady, that this is obviously a computer error have thus far been in vain. I neglected to mention my blog on my application, but there is no hiding from Google!