Friday, September 23, 2011

Would the I/O port of the future please stand up!

Over the last week I have written two new posts for Bandwidth Blog on the future of I/O. My first article focused on the emergence of USB 3.0 (or Superspeed USB).

My primary intention for writing this post was to just make more people realise that this was out there and that you could get a USB 3.0 portable HDD on sale for the same price as one that is only USB 2 enabled. Furthermore, USB 2 HDD is bound to start dropping in price considerably, so if you were toying with the idea of getting an additional one perhaps get one that is USB 3.0 compatible or pick up a USB 2 drive at a reduced price.

The really awesome thing about this post however was that it was the lead story on NEWS 24's tech page for almost 2 whole hours. This was completely unexpected but extremely satisfying. It unfortunately brought out the "Grammar Nazi's" from their bunkers (Thanks for teaching me a  cool new word @yuvaan_gugrajah), but perhaps I should stop writing articles at 2 in the morning and pay more attention to grammar. Although I am making light of this, I was grateful for the corrections. I much prefer being corrected than to allow an error to remain on a post.

At the request of my editor at BandwidthBlog, I then set out to write an article on the "other" superfast I/O Port, Thunderbolt.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why Apple does not support Flash (and why I support Apple)?

My latest article on Bandwidth Blog discussed the fallacy that using an iPad does not expose you to the "Full web" as due to Apple not supporting Flash on iOS, you would be unable to view over 70% of the video content on the web. I agree that Apple try and direct most things via the iTunes store and although I wish it were otherwise, one has to accept that they are a business and this is what makes them money. However, the support of flash, in my opinion, has little to  with iTunes as we are primarily talking about content on the internet.