Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My review of the Viber App

I have been asked to become a contributor on bandwidth blog which I am really excited about. My first article went live this week, where I reviewed the Viber App but also in the context of VOIP (Voice over internet protocol). People posted comments on the article which was great as it introduced me to new technologies/ insights.

My review of Viber on Bandwidthblog

Of course, the thing that I was most excited about regarding Viber was that it would be an awesome way to stay in contact with loved ones when travelling abroad. I hope to make use of the complimentary hotel WiFi to achieve this and it will be much simpler than having to use WorldCall cards or buying international prepaid sim cards etc. The one major snag to this plan however is that the App currently only exists in the iStore which means I have to convince my wife to get an iPhone or give her mine if (when) I chose to upgrade to the iPhone 5 :)

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