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I sometimes write for other websites/ publications and thought that instead of reproducing the entire article on my blog, it may be more appropriate to put up links to these articles on this page. The link may often be followed by a short description of the article and related (sometimes unrelated) information. Happy reading.

Did Somebody say Renaissance in Education? - Bandwidth Blog February 10th 2012

This was only the second time that I had written an article based on an interview and I loved the experience. For those few hours preparing and undertaking the interview, I forget that I am an engineer and fill the loafers of an intrepid journalist. Think Clark Kent, without the goofy glasses (and Lois Lane). In any event it was a nice article on the potential role that tablets could yet play in the future of education.

What is Pinterest and why should I care?  - Bandwidth Blog February 20th 2012

I really liked this article. It was about Pinterest (duh!) but it was me just writing and enjoying writing it. the editor at Bandwidth Blog told me that it was also extremely popular getting almost 10 times more hits than the article on Tablet Renaissance above.

The Evolution of the Tablet Newspaper: Review of the M&G iPad App  - Bandwidth Blog March 22nd 2012

The same way Jeremy Clarkson would not regard testing the new Ferrari around the Nurburgring as "work", I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the Mail and Guardian iPad app. I love reading the Mail and Guardian and the content is the same regardless of the format. the app is great. I doubt I am ready to migrate to the digital edition as yet, because it does not include some of the stuff that I have become accustomed to in the Print Edition but I believe that the app is awesome and worth the discounted price it is being offered at.

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