Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hi. My name is Fayaz Khan and I am a procrastinator.

The only reason I am writing this blog entry is to delay writing a longer entry I have planned on "A Nuclear Iran". The main problem with procrastination is that you always manage to get things down in the end or as is often the case with me, you can effectively bullshit your way to an extension. So that my readers do not feel cheated, I have attached my favourite comic from a popular online comic series titled, wait for it, "Procrastination". 

P.S I always get excited and cut out coupons and vouchers (it's in my genes) and leave them in my wallet so I won't forget and then remember them only after they expire. I only remember my kalahari.net vouchers cos they remind you about them everytime you are on their site and even when you are checking out.

P.P.S To any marketers out there, I respond well to vouchers etc.

P.P.P.S Due to Procrastination (trait, not comic series) I may not use any coupons you send.

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