Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Return to the Web

The title to this blog entry is a bit misleading. I never left the web. I just could not find the time to blog and I find myself wondering, is this it? Is this the slow steady decline that leads to me not writing anymore? Am I losing interest in this hobby?

The simple answer is, No. I seem to think in blog these days which is not much different to how I used to think, except the voice in my head just uses more sophisticated words. Here is my dillemna. I would often watch/ read  something that I have an opinion on and think, "hey. maybe I should articulate that on my blog." (OK, I don't actualy use the word 'articulate'). The problem is that my opinion is influenced by information/ experiences that are in my head, so for you to get where I am coming from, I have to explain all that to. By the time all that is formulated (in my head), the task of writing it all down sometimes seems too much or I have moved on to the next thought process. Then there is twitter, facebook ( I admit to still logging in, even after watching "The Social Network"), and now Pushnote. Pushnote is very new and I must admit that the reason I like it so much is because the spammers etc. have not caught on to it yet. Check it out on

I suppose another reason for my brief hiatus was the fact that this year, my return to work form annual leave co-incided with my daughters first week of school. That left me having to get up an hour earlier than I was normally used to and about 3 hours earlier than I was getting up during my break. So I would often fall asleep whilst reading to my daughter (she generally tucks me in before getting the light and going to sleep :)) i.e. no time for any Nightly Notes.

Completely unrelated, driving my daughter to school in the morning has become my favourite time of the day. It is about a 15 minute commute and she uses that time to ask me the most interesting questions. Not interesting like "Who is God?" or "Why do boys and girls have different parts?", although I am sure those are on their way but cute questions like,

" How does water get into the tap?"
"Why do birds sit on telephone wires?"
" Why do we have buses?"

It's enough to even make traffic bearable! Now that i am getting into the routine I think I may find the time o write more and I will continue to write cos I have lots to say and  not because I have to write.

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