Friday, January 7, 2011

Islamic Terrorists and why they should be stopped!

When I started this blog, I had made an unsaid pledge to myself that I will try and stay clear of religion. My reasoning was simple. I have little knowledge of source text (i.e I have read mainly  books that have been translated and abridged ) and I am still searching for many things and would not want my confusion or percieved logic to affect/ hinder anybody who may be further done the spiritual path. Islam is a way of life and you need to remain balanced which I admit I am not. I tend to favour Service to Mankind over Service to God. It is not something I say with pride. I would like to achieve a balance in my life but that is an ongoing struggle. I think that maybe if I excel at 'service to mankind', all my other flaws/ deficiencies would be forgiven and that if those that believe in the Gospel of Christopher Hitchens are proven correct then, at least I would have made the lives of some a bit more bearable.

What could have possibly happened to get me to go off on this tangent? It is an old saying that goes something along the lines of, 'If you do not speak out against an injustice then you become complicit in the act itself.' I speak of the attacks over Christmas on Churches and worshipping Christians and priests in muslim-majority lands. The most notable were the attacks in Nigeria, Baghdad and Alexandria. Reading accounts of the attrocities committed leaves me with a feeling of utter disgust and shame. Shame that this barbarism is being carried out in the name of Islam.

The only time I recall feeling more disgust and fury was when I discovered how the Taliban had destroyed the Budhas of Bamyan because they were regarded as idols. If you have no idea what I am refering to then let Wikipedia be your guide on this one.

It is for idiocy such as this that I beleive that the Taliban deserve all the warmth and cosiness that there cave offer during the Afghan winters. Lukily there are also muslim clerics who have strongly condemned these attacks and I am told that the Kutbah (lecture) by Shaykh Sadullah Khan at Claremont Main Road Mosque on Friday was very informative and riveting. A brief synopsis of the Kutbah is attached below and I strongly urge everyone to read this because he quotes from the Quran and more importantly describes verbatim the protection offered by the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)to the Christians of St Catherines Monastery which is a church at the foot of Mount Sinai and possesses a collection of Christian manuscripts that is second only to the Vatican.

I too condemn these acts of terrorism but will refuse to use the Quran or Islam to explain why this is wrong because I do not believe that these loons deserve that privilege. And before I am accused of looking at this from only one perspective and that I should consider the similar persecution of muslims, allow me to save you both the time, and effort. I am aware of the persecution of muslims in Kashmir, Iraq, Chechnya etc and this too is a source of considerable pain but one does not justify the other and any assertion to the contrary is both childish and nonsensical.


  1. Great post and references. I'm certain many feel the same way.

    I came across this tweet:
    “@realjohngreen: Thousands of Egyptian Muslims attend Christian masses to serve as human shields:”

  2. Thanks

    I am sure that many do but unfortunately the views of the countless un-fundamentals are never considered newsworthy.