Thursday, October 14, 2010


My decision to start a blog just kind of happened and the way I figure it, what do I have to lose by just giving this a chance. At the very least, I will make some great new friends, make some people laugh, confirm to some that I am delusional and if it does nt work out, I should be able to just delete the whole thing.

The truth is recently whenever I do stuff, like test drive a car or attend a show, I sit there wondering how best would I describe this in an article. Sometimes, I will come home and actually write out something, for no real purpose because who would be interested in my opinion. I can't exactly send a letter to the editor telling readers who much I enjoyed driving the new Honda CRZ. At a party, I was telling people about how much i had enjoyed a recent visit to Hatfield, Pretoria when somebody in the group asked if I had a blog and that if I did it would make for very interesting reading. I know what you are thinking? She was probably chatting me up, but considering I was rocking my 3 month old daughter to sleep, I doubt very much that that was her intention. In any case, I much prefer thinking that I am charismatic and entertaining rather than the alternative.

Since I had actually written about that experience in Pretoria,  I feel it would make sense to share that with you (will include it in my next post). I know that the page looks a bit bland but give me some time here to learn the ropes. I doubt I will post everyday and intend using this as a repository for all my writings which will range from restaurant reviews to political opinions to mere ramblings. I would love if this were interactive so please feel free to comment. If you wish to follow more daily thoughts then feel free to follow me on twitter (!/FayazKhan).

In any case, welcome to my blog. I hope you find the experience enriching and fun and I hope that I find it fun too!

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