Monday, April 30, 2012

The Avengers have arrived

Firstly, to regular readers, all 10 of you, I must apologise for my sudden disappearance from social media and the blogosphere. I am currently in the middle of a project that is taking up most of my spare time. It has been like living in a bizarre reality TV show. Through a generous benefactor, the Children's society I work for has been given access to a generous allocation of funds. However this money will be returned if the following criteria are not met:
  • The money is not spent within two months
  • A special committee approves all purchasing, and
  • All purchases for consideration must be accompanied with 3 quotations 
Needless to say I am going to deck the next person who complains to me of poor sales and the economy being bad. It is either that employees are not aware of a recession and hence not even making an effort at sales or they think I am a prank caller. The entire initiative now rests on a knife edge. All the plans have been made and within the next two weeks everything will either all fall into place or it is going to be a very hectic May!

The only thing that could bring me briefly back into the blogosphere at this time would be the one thing I must have spoken and wrote the most of in the past year. The Avengers Movie.

Although I am still puzzled as to why the movie opened in South Africa, one week before opening in the US, this is not keeping me up at night. I think that time is much better spent deciding which  was my favourite scene. The movie had much expectation to live up to, and it does so. I have decided against making this a long post or a movie review, wanting rather for people to watch the movie without any spoilers. Maybe in a month, we can start a discussion on the movie.

The one thing that did however impress me the most, believe it or not, was the screenplay. Co written by director, Joss Whedon, the humour, very similar to his earlier work in TV shows like Buffy and Angel, was extremely witty and therefore suited Robert Downey Jnr much better. Like me, if you watched every version of the trailers, don't assume that you've seen all the good parts. The trailer is only a teaser of what to expect.

If you have not as yet seen the movie, do so. It is one of those movies that are best experienced at the cinema. Watching all the prequels (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor) before the movie is not a prerequisite to enjoying the Avengers, but us geeks don't require much motivation to enjoy a comic book movie marathon.

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